Typically American

What people think is "typically American" is very different from person to person, since it’s a very subjective theme, but there are several things people see as “typically American”:

Optimism and patriotism:

The Americans often see the glass as “half-full”, not “half-empty” and love their country.
Optimism and patriotism is a very vital part of their lifestyle. An American person often seems more positive and proud of their home country than most; this can often be seen in the suburban areas where the American flag waves in the wind in almost every home.


The American Dream:

Many people, especially immigrants new to the United States dream of a better and richer life with a happy family without troble and worries, this has been greatly increased through TV-series and films; "Rags to riches".
It is also a great motivator for hard working people to think that if they continue to work hard, their efforts will pay themselves, and they get a better life.
Unfortunately, minorities have been discriminated and excluded because of this so-called "American Dream".



Obesity is a growing problem in the United States today, and many Americans blame their lifestyle for making them so obese. It’s very often referred to as an “epidemic” in the U.S.
Many people in the U.S. prioritize comfort before health and that is probably the most likely thing that has made so many Americans obese today.

Stupidity and ignorance:

Many people think of Americans as stupid, for example, recent studies showed that 33% of 12.000 Americans think that Norway is the capital of Sweden.
TV-series like South Park, even though it's an animated series, people think of Americans like they were portrayed in for example South park, this gives people a distorted view of the Americans, making non-Americans think that all Americans are stupid and ignorant.
Many Americans think that the war in Iraq are “The War on Terror”, but the fact is that the Americans’ greedy government wants to get a hold of Iraq's oil resources and uses events like 9/11 to cover it up as an "anti-terror"-act.

Weapons and Murders:

According to Wikipedia, the United States is the country with the biggest firearm casualties per year with over 11 thousand victims each year, compared to Brazil, which has the world’s second most firearm kills; 1470 firearm kills per year.

This may be because of the fact that almost all Americans legally carry and have at least one firearm around themselves or their house at all times.


Many relate the United States to obesity and firearm-murders and their patriotism, and there’s also the so called “rednecks” in the southern states. Also, many people from other parts of the world get their prejudices from watching Hollywood movies and TV-series.
Sources: Google Images, Wikipedia and a TV report on America.