Tsali – a Cherokee Legend

The Cherokee Indians lived in the hills and in the country east of Mississippi River. One day they had to move to the other side of the river, because the chiefs had given away their land to the white men. Tsali who was an old Cherokee refused to move and one day a missionary came to tell Tsali that the soldiers were coming to claim the land, because they have found gold in the river. But Tsail had already found the gold, and now the missionary wanted to be his partner, but Tsail said no. Tsail went to the trader with his gold to get a ribbon for his wife. Then the trader also wanted to be his partner, but Tsali did not want to be rich, he only wanted to get a ribbon.
A month later, the soldiers, the missionary and the trader came to Tsali. They were claiming the land, and wanted to put Tsali’s family on a boat, and send them to a camp. But Tsail refused to leave his land, and the captain shoots Tsali and pulled his family, crying and screaming, towards the river.

Tsali was an old Cherokee who lived on a farm in the hills. He knew that the gold had always been in the river, but he didn’t know that the white men wanted it so badly. The Cherokee Indians lived in the hills, and the land gave them everything they needed, so Tsali never knew, never thought that it would cause trouble when he said to these white men that there where gold in the river, which were on their land. Tsali was a loyal and respectful man, he loved his family and the land he lived on. He showed courage and determination when he refused to let the white men have their land.

The Captain, the missionary and the trader were the white men in the story, who all wanted to get the gold. For them, the gold meant more than the Cherokee Indians living conditions, they just wanted to become rich. First they tried to become Tsali’s partner, but when he didn’t want that, they ended up shooting him because he prevented them from getting the gold.

Setting: The late 1800’s, North – south of the United States. The Cherokee Indians lived in the hills west for Mississippi river.

Theme/message: The story is based on the real life of the Cherokee Indians, so it reflects how the white men took their land and home away from them in order to find the gold. It also shows the deferens between the cultures. How the Indians loved their land, while the white men loved the gold, and how that caused a conflict, which the strongest won. The hidden message is that the white man is greedy, and think they can take whatever the wants. They also belived that the native american are of lesser value.

The story is written in third person. The author has used pronouns such as “he” and “they” and not “I” and “us”.
Writing in third person gives the author more freedom in how the story is told, and it also gives the readers a chance to sympathize for whoever they want, and not just the main character. Writing in third person also gives us the impression that it’s happening to someone else.

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