Tony's Story



A retired army man, clearly a hatful person towards the white and what they had done to the natives. He is an old friend of Tony from when they grew up in the reservation.

Tony: Main character

A shy man living in a reservation not asking questions. Grew up with Leon. killed the state cop.


The setting is in an Indian reservation in modern time. it was very dry

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Tony’s Story is told in first person, where Tony is telling.

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The story is about Tony, and Leon, is an old friend, that have come home from the army. He got some troubles with the cops and had to go to the hospital where he got some stitches. They said he was lucky.
The day after Tony and Leon went out to pick up something for Leon’s uncle, when they got som cop trouble, again. They was going into the store when the cops were waiting for them, and followed them when they left.
When they had been driving for a while Tony told Leon to stop, and the cops pulled up behind them.
The cop told them that he had been transferred there because of the Indians, and that was why he hated them, and the cops followed them everywhere they’d go.
Someday when they was out driving, the cop was following them again. The cop stopped them, and told Leon that he was going to beat the shit out of him, and suddenly Leon shot him.

They panicked and didn’t know what to do.. Tony said that they had to set the car on fire, and then they ran.