The Moose and the Sparrow
Character descriptions and relations between characters
Moose is an old, bitter man. He’s not very nice, especially not to Cecil. I think that he is jealous of Cecil because he is young and has very many options. He does the job that Moose has done for such a long time as good as him. And in edition to that, Cecil goes to school. So Moose doesn’t dislike Cecil, he’s just jealous. I think that he is nice to the other men, but he’s probably one of the loudest ones of them.

Cecil is a young man. He is very polite and has done well despite his bad adolescence. He didn’t have much of a family. He has done very well despite the fact that he has moved between many foster families. He managed to graduate from high school and get into college. He’s a very smart kid, and is very willing to work hard to get where he wants.

The storyteller is Mr. Anderson, or Pop, as everyone calls him. There is not much information about him, since he only tells the story, and doesn’t play a big part of it. He has a few conversations with the main characters, and watches the tension between them.

Moose and Cecil doesn’t like each other. They are very different and disagree about everything. Their both liked by the other men there, but they can’t seem to get along.

The story takes place in a British Columbia, in a logging camp.