The Last Leaf

The short story`s setting

It appears that the story is set in the late 1800’s or possibly the early 1900’s in a village called Greenwich Village mostly in the artists studio where Johnsy and Sue lives, overlooking a wall with a ivy vine crawling up towards the sky.
Greenwich Village is a village with narrow streets that make strange angles and curves.
It is November and pneumonia roams.
There is nothing special about the setting apart from that, except the ivy vine the story is about.

Characters and character relations:

Sue is a positive and caring person who only wants the best for Johnsy.
She is afraid that Johnsy is going to die. Sue is a painter and uses a lot of time on it.

Joanna, but we call her Johnsy is a painter and she really loves art. She is ill and it makes her depressed, she is tired of thinking of death and she is pessimistic, she thinks she is going to die.

Behrman is a model and a painter. He is an old and caring man, but is drinking a lot. He is also a painter and is the one who paints the leaf on the wall so Johnsy made it through her illness. He was also seen as a failure because he had never managed to finish a painting and he was always waiting for his coming masterpiece.

Sue and Johnsy are two women who met at a restaurant where they found out that they had the same tastes in art. Soon the two young women decided to join together and rent a studio.
Berhman was a painter who lived on the ground floor beneath Sue and Johnsy. In his younger days he was a model so now he sometimes modeled for Sue.


This story about hope and dreams, like the will to live, and the hope of becoming a famous artist. The story's message is that if you have the will to live and don't give up, you can get through many things, But only if you want it badly enough.
And sometimes you can recover just by believing in survival. You can clearly see that Johnsy wanted to live until the last ivy leaf fell to the ground,
but since it was a painting, she recovered before it "fell"