Multicultural Britain:

Most people in Britain are English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. But you can meet people of many different nationalities in the cities. So if you walk down a street in a big city, then you can meet people from all over the world!
7,9 % of the total population is Non - Whites, that is about five million people! 92,1 % is Whites.


About half of the Non - Whites in Britain lives in London. Actually 25 % of all Londoners are from minority ethnic groups. So in London Schools there are now children with more than 300 different mother tongues.
The biggest Non - White ethnic group is from India. Pakistan is on a good second place.


How Britain became a mixed race society:

Early in the history Britain were invaded by Romans(Italy), Saxons (Germany, Denmark, Holland), Vikings (Denmark, Sweeden and Norway)and Normans (France)
That means that the Romans started the "multicultural" Britain when Aulus Plautius and his roman force invaded Britain in AD43.
Later on slaves from Africa came to Britain.
Over the years people from countries like France, Ireland and Russia arrived Britain escaping from persecution or famine in their own countries.

According to a BBC report, immigration made up more than 50% of Britain's population growth from 1991 to 2001.

Britain, a racist society?

More than half of Britons believe that they live in a racist society.
_1993597_is_britain_racist_150.gifMore than 50% of the Britons thinks that Britain is a racist society!

Actually racism is a big problem in the workplace. Almost one of three blacks and Asians says that they believe racism has cost them the chance of a job.
But a study from ICM goes on to suggest that most whites, blacks and Asians agree society is more racially tolerant than a decade ago.