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Why & How English has become a language here:

Already in the 1500s, European countries started to explore India and establish colonies there. Britain started ruling over India, and from 1858 Britain controlled India totally. The British policy wanted to create an Indian class who should think like the British, and they built schools and universities based on the British models. The schools and universities had therefore a lot of emphasis in the English language, and the Indians who educated there had to learn English. English became the first language in Indian education. English was preferred by many Indians, and looked at as a key towards success. Even after India’s independence in 1947, English remained the main language of India.

Landmarks & Tourist Attractions
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The Taj Mahal mausoleum is the most famous tourist attraction in India, built between 1632 and 1653 by an Indian emperor, Shah Jahan, in memory of his favorite wife. The mausoleum is located in the town Agra, north in India, beside the river Jamuna.

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The world’s tallest brick minaret is located in Delhi, India. The tower Qutab Minar is 72,5 meters long, and the diameter is 14,3. Qutab Muinar was built in 1193 under the orders of India’s first Muslim ruler. Almost the whole tower is made of red sandstone, but also white marble at the top.

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The Red Fort is a fort from the 17th century, located in Dehli. This building was also constructed by the empreror Saha Jahan, who also constructet the Taj Mahal mausoleum. It was the capital Mughals, until 1857 when the British government used it as a military camp. Now, when India is independent, it is a popular tourist attraction ans a symbol of India’s sovereignty.

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Lotus Temple or The House of Wordship is a temple in Dehli built in 1986. The lotus-shaped building is a gathering place where people of all religions can worship God. It is slightly taller than 40 meters and is capable of holding up to 2’500 people, the surface is made of white marble.

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Jama Masjid is the largest and best known mosque in India. It was completed in 1656, a result of the effors of over 5’000 workers, over a period of six years. It have three great gates, four towers and two 40 meter high minarets. The mosque and lies in the middle of a very busy, central street of Dehli.

The Golden Temple is a temple located in Delhi. It is a very popular destination for prilgrims and is the holiest shrine in Sikhism. The construction of the temple started in 1547, but wasn’t complete until 1601. It also was rebuilt after it was sacked in the 1760s.

Hawa Mahal is a palace in Jaipur, built in 1799 of red and pink sandstone. The palace has 953 small windows.

There are a lot of tourist attractions and landmarks in India, other once are Jaisalmer Fort, Aksharddham Temple, Dal Lake, Fatehpur Sikri, Ladakh Monestaries, Char Dahm and Kailash Mansarovar Yatra