Presentation of the film.
The film crash

In “crash” the Hispanics, the blacks, the whites and the Asians live side by side in a Los Angeles, USA. Some of the whites looks down on all the other cultures, some hate blacks, some black people hate the white people, and son on. Many people judge other people without knowing anything other than their skin colour.

The story

A white racist policeman stops a car. Then he abuse a black woman from the car sexually, with her husband standing right beside her doing nothing because he’s afraid the policeman will take him to the police office. The racist policeman’s partner is shocked by behaviour. The next day it has been a car accident and the policeman ends up saving the same black women he abused the day before.

Two black gays steals the car of a rich couple. The woman in the car gets a bit paranoid after this and wants to change the locks in the whole house. She then gets suspicious on the locksmith and kicks him out.

The locksmith, who is Mexican, changes the locks in a store that belongs to a man from Iran. The Iranian man accuses the locksmith for burglary in his store. He almost ends up shooting the Mexican and the Mexicans daughter.

The partner of the “abuse-policeman”, who has just started his job, is in the film really not a racist, but ends up shooting a black guy; the black man stood with the road and needed a ride home. This was by the way one of the two men who stole the car. The young policeman let him in and started driving. After a while the black guy saw that the policeman had an amulet on the dashboard that brings luck. The black guy did have just the same amulet. He took his hand down to his pocket to show the young policeman his, but the policeman got scared and took up his gun and pointed it to the black guys face. The black man got a little irritated, because the white policeman could draw the conclusion that he should have a gun in his pocket and started slowly to take out the amulet. He did it a little faster when the policeman told him not to, and the antiracist policeman ended up shooting him because of prejudices.


Film analysis:

The characters in the film:
Rick Cabot – is a white statelawyer in Los Angeles. He manipulates voters opinion through the medium of radical politics, just to further his career. His character is not dicpited as a fanatic, which makes his racial stance ambiguous.
Jean Cabot – is Rick Cabot’s wife. In the film she becomes terrified of black people after carjacking. Through the film she realizes that the nicest and helpful person she knows is her Maria, her Hispanic maid. She also realizes that she don't have any true friends.
Anthony – is an African American car thief for a chop shop owner. He is very vocal about racist and stereotypical meanings. He means that the society is unfairly based against black people.
Peter Waters – is Anthony’s friend. He is also a car thief, like Anthony. They are “partner – in – crime”. Peter is also Detective Water’s younger brother. In the movie Peter has run away from home, at the end of the movie he gets shot by Officer Hansen.
Detective Graham Waters – is Peter Waters’s older brother. He is an African American detective for the Los Angeles Police Department. He disconnected from his family which is very poor, his mother is a heroin addict, and his brother is a criminal. His mother means that he didn’t care enough to find his brother when he was missing, and because of that she accuses him as the murder of his brother’s death.
Ria – is a Latina detective. She is Graham’s partner and girlfriend.
Tom Hansen – is a white Los Angeles police Officer. In the movie he kill’s detective Grahams brother, Peter Waters. The reason why he killed Peter is because, he saw him take his hands in his pocket, and he thought that he was going to shoot him. But it wasn’t a gun Peter had in his pocket, he only wanted to show him a figure.
John Ryan – is a white policeman. He was Tommy’s partner. But Tommy changed partner after he saw Ryan sexually molest a black man’s wife while he was searching for weapon. Ryan’s life isn’t easy. He’s living with his father because his father has been misdiagnosed with a bladder infection.
Cameron Thayer – is a black television director. The producers he works with aren’t as nice as he thought. They propagate racist stereotypes about black people.
Christine Thayer – is Cameron’s wife. She becomes very angry at her husband, because he didn’t defend her when the officer sexually molests her. She is a very angry woman.
Daniel Ruiz – is a Mexican – American locksmith. He get’s discriminated by others because he looks like a gangbanger, but he is actually a very nice man. He has a daughter and a wife, which he loves very much.
Farhad – he is a Persian store owner, who is afraid of his safety. His English is terrible, and because of that he got problem with communicating with people.

Relationships to eachother:

Almost everyone in this movie has a connection with someone in this movie.
Ria and Graham Waters are together like partnes and they are a couple.
Cameron Thayer and Christine Tahyer are married.
Peter Waters and Graham Waters are brothers. But they don't have any close realtionship in the movie, because Peter is on the run.
Anthony and Graham is bestfriends and partners. They steal cars.
Rick Cabot and Jean Cabot are married. They have a close realtionship.
Tom Hansen and John Ryan is police partners at the beginning. But after a unpleasant episode, Tom decides that he wants to change his partner.

Sources: Wikipedia



The film take place in Los Angeles, America in 2007.

The theme:

Is stereotypes. It shows us how people’s lives are effected by racism.

The message:

Is that we shouldn’t judge people for their color of the skin or culture.
For example: Many of the white people in the film are terrified by the blacks, because they believe that they only steal, kill and are criminal.